Monday, April 16, 2012

Blaze Fest 2012 Schedule!

Blaze Fest is right around the corner! Below you can see a list of all the fantastic acts we have lined up for you. Just like our music on air, we have performers for everyones taste. We have hip hop, R&B, Rock, and a live DJ all for you! All this awesomeness will build up your appetite, so there will be food at the event! If you can't make it to Blaze Fest in person you can tune in on the interwebs, we will be broadcasting the event live on 

Please go to our event page on Facebook and click the "going" button! Tell your friends about us, they will love you for it!

6:05pm-6:20pm: Santos Denova (Singer/Songwriter)

6:30pm-6:50pm: CooL (Hip Hop)

7:05pm-7:25pm: Justin Ruff (R&B)

7:35pm-7:55pm: FIGHTER (Hip Hop)

8:05pm-8:25pm: Daryn Alexus (R&B)

8:35pm-8:45pm: Keitt (RU Idol Runner Up)
8:50pm-9:05pm: Frank + Ron/Greg/S Love/Advocate

9:10pm-9:20pm: Quiana (RU Idol Winner)

9:20pm-9:30pm: Guy Patterson (DJ)

9:40pm-10pm: Tomorrow’s Alliance (Rock)

10:00pm-10:05pm: Closing/wrap-up/ raffle--announce tune in to; Emcee, Directors, On-Air Personalities

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