Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Station Tour and Youtube Channel!

We've just launched our Youtube Channel, you can get excited now! Our first video is a behind the scenes tour of the station in the style of Cribs. Don't forget to subscribe, we'll be rolling out more video content in the future! 

Show Fan Pages

If you didn't know already, many of our shows have Facebook Fan Pages. You should go and like them, just saying. The pages are always being updated with news, talk and various other tidbits relevant to the shows interests. Below is a handy dandy guide:

The Temperamental Coconut Hosted by Chris Vittoe

The DJ and Friends Show Hosted by DJ DJ

Happy Hour with Caleb and Dan

Brian's All Inclusive Rock Show

The Girl's Room

The Greg Tovar Show

Special Chronicles Podcast

Sports Talk with Lamar and Ced

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Open Mic!

Hi everybody!

On November 26th, from 7-10 p.m. in Congress Lounge will be the Blaze's first Open Mic! Awesome, right? We're open to all talents; musicians, spoken word, comedy or some other special talent (like the one where you spin plates on sticks, that's pretty cool).

Anyways, this is the perfect opportunity for you to show off! Tell all your friends about this event we're having, you do not want them to miss out.

Did I mention there will be food? Cause there will totally be food.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Don't forget the next Mobile Day is this Tuesday from 12 to 4 pm at the Wabash Building on the 14th floor. Stop on by and meet the awesome audio personalities of The Blaze. Free candy and maybe even some prizes.......BUT ONLY IF YOU'VE BEEN GOOD!!!!! See you there!!!!!!!

Greg Tovar Show Addresses Dehumanizing RWord Issue

On Oct. 25, Greg Tovar, WRBC's Promotions Director and host of The Greg Tovar Show, had Daniel Smrokowski, on his show to address how the word "retard(ed)" is dehumanizing towards people with disabilities and how words do hurt. 
Right-click to download and listen to Greg and Dan discuss the Dehumanizing RWord Issue  [Time: 19:45]
This podcast recording is Courtesy WRBC.FM Roosevelt University Radio

In this week's issue of the Torch, Daniel wrote an opinion/editorial article about this issue:
"Words do hurt" By Daniel Smrokowski, opinion/editorial article in the Torch

Join in the conversation! Share your feedback in the comments or Tweet Dan: @Podmandan